Former Miss Ukraine Anastasiia Lenna Joins Fight Against Russia to Protect her Country

Photo: anastasiia.lenna/Instagram

Former Miss Ukraine Anastasiia Lenna has picked up the rifle to join the fight against Russia which has launched an attack on Ukraine. Anastasiia Lenna has represented Ukraine in the Miss Grand International beauty contest in 2015. She has vowed to defend her country from the brutality of Russian forces.

She has posted a series of Instagram Story and demanded support and imploring donations to the Ukrainian armed forces since the start of the attack Wednesday. She has decided to stand side by side with her military forces to not only boost their morale but to prove that the Ukrainian women are not an easy target.

Anastasiia said on Instagram that anyone crossing the Ukrainian border with the purpose of assaulting will be executed. She also shared a photo on Instagram of herself holding an assault rifle and dressed in military attire. After the Russian army entered Ukraine last week, Anastasiia acquired weapons. 102 civilians have been died because of the Russian assault, including seven children. Ukraine has demanded an immediate ceasefire and Russian soldiers’ evacuation.

Furthermore, she took to Instagram and wrote that she is a normal human just like all other people. She is not a military person. She disclosed that she has shared all the pictures on her social media platform with the intention to encourage people. Anastasiia’s only aim is to show how strong, confident, and powerful Ukrainian women are.

She added that she appreciates everyone’s attention and support for her nation, Ukraine, and all Ukrainians who oppose Russian aggression every day. She is confident that her country is going to win. Kyiv is where she was born and where she currently resides. Ukraine is her homeland. Anastasiia also disclosed that she is also an airsoft player for years.

Additionally, in several more posts with her two lakh followers on Instagram, the former Miss Ukraine called for international help. She encouraged her people to remove road signs to make it harder for Russian forces to navigate the country in one post. The former Miss Ukraine is a marketing and management graduate from Slavistik University in Kyiv. She speaks five languages and has worked as an interpreter.