Ashley Greene Launch Food-Based NFT Project Alongside Team of Female Entrepreneurs

Photo: Ashley Greene/Instagram

American actress Ashley Greene made her debut in the NFT world by launching a food-based NFT project alongside her husband Paul Khoury and a group of women entrepreneurs. With the increasing popularity of NFTs, Ashley has decided to take her talents from Hollywood to the Metaverse.

Fridgits, her NFT initiative, is the first of its kind. It is the first food-based NFT on the Ethereum network, with 20 ingredient-visual characters. Fridgits attempts to bridge the gap between the food business and web3 integration as part of the Metaverse marketplace. This groundbreaking system, unlike some NFTs, is built on categories rather than individual assets.

Cryptocurrency is perceived to be a primarily male-dominated industry. However, three of the four Fridgits founders are female. Furthermore, Greene admits that entering this new sector as a woman was originally a little scary, but she claims that this industry is full of people who welcome you with great enthusiasm.

Additionally, Greene is an NFT collector herself and gained motivation for the launch of Fridgits from her research of other coined inventions. She wanted to create a project that is always expanding and rewarding to the collectors. Her husband Paul first introduced her to the world of crypto, blockchain, and NFTs.

She finds it difficult to comprehend at first but when she discovered the confidentiality and transparency that the blockchain provided, as well as the potential of the Metaverse, she was captivated. Greene believed that many people are unfamiliar with crypto, NFTs, but the internet was also foreign to a lot of people at the start.

This isn’t the first time Greene has teamed up with other women’s entrepreneurs. She has recently founded a firm called Hummingway with her sister-in-law Olivia. Ashley has personally experienced the strength of women who are driven to do the job correctly and the power of women. She experienced the same kind of energy in the crypto world.

Ashely Greene has strived hard to promote women’s empowerment. She encourages other females interested in entering the crypto community. Greene is trying to inspire more females to give it a try. She is trying to break the barriers and help females enter the NFT world.