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Here’s How this Young Entrepreneur Earn 90K with Her Home-Grown Mushroom Business

Photo by Viacheslav Bublyk on Unsplash

A young entrepreneur Nilofar Jaan from Gangoo village in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district has become successful in growing organic mushrooms to make a living.  She claimed that she earns Rs 90,000-1 lakh per year with her home-grown mushroom business. She had trained in mushroom cultivation from the Department of Agriculture, Kashmir, and later founded her own business venture.

Mushrooms have made a significant profit for Kashmiri women throughout the years, who formerly had little financial independence but are now capable of contributing to their families. But according to government statistics, women in the Jammu and Kashmir union territory make up less than half of the workforce.

Nilofar, 22, offered the bags for Rs 50,000 after the agricultural department urged her to start a mushroom cultivation business. She took the chance and began growing mushrooms in a room. She remembered that she also experienced a time when she was unable to pay her semester fee. But now, she not only supports her family, but she also uses her income to further her education.

Presently, she is pursuing a master’s degree in social work at the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). She aspires to be a successful businesswoman. Nilofar disclosed that the crop is ready in a few weeks after she sows the seeds. The mushrooms are then packed in compact boxes with proper wrapping after the crop is ready. Organic mushroom cartons are priced between Rs 25 and Rs 50 in vegetable stores.

Furthermore, Nilofar is also planning to expand its small business to numerous units in the future months. Her enthusiasm for mushroom cultivation has grown because of its success. She anticipates that more females will be trained by the agricultural department to begin this lucrative farming venture.


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