This Entrepreneur’s Success Journey Surely a Dose of Motivation for You

Photo by Marisa Buhr Mizunaka on Unsplash

Many entrepreneurs all around the world are striving to excel in their businesses and climb the ladder of success. In their journey to success, they all experienced various obstacles, invest their time and lives, and fought like a warrior. Among many entrepreneurs who risked everything to build a successful business, CURLS CEO and Founder Mahisha Dellinger continue to drive the next generation of women entrepreneurs after the huge success of her ground-breaking natural haircare brand.

Mahisha has started her entrepreneurial journey in 2002 when she started her business CURLS. At the time when she started her own business, she was still employed full-time. She worked as a Marketing Manager for a Fortune 500 Company. During her full time, she felt that she was unable to use her fullest potential and was underrated while working for a racist manager who criticized her and made her stay at the office difficult.  

That experience has completely changed her viewpoint about full-time jobs. She decided not to work so hard for someone who undervalued her and experienced the worst. She as a “newly natural mother” to her child encouraged her to launch the process of developing her own natural hair product. Because of her marketing degree, Mahisha knew how to carry out comprehensive research to identify the need for natural hair products.

Mahisha was dissatisfied with the absence of natural hair products with high-quality ingredients and dependability, so she set out to create her own. CURLS was developed in collaboration with prominent cosmetic and health professionals. Her goal was to develop a stunning, high-quality natural hair care brand for an underserved market.

Mahisha aims to make CURLS available to every curl, everywhere. CURLS Beauty Brands products are primarily created to suit each textured hair need, at all age groups, from babies to adults. Her CURLS lines are offered at major retailers around the United States. She remembers the struggle to get CURLS into retailers that had previously shut the door in her face.

Mahisha disclosed that those buyers who told her they didn’t see a need for her type of product. Now all those people are dying to buy her products. The journey of her success was not easy for her, she experienced many struggles, but her persistence, hard work, and determination helped her build a successful business. Presently, she hosts her own show “Mind Your Business with Mahisha” in which she gives advice to ambitious entrepreneurs. She guides them on how to keep a full-time job while launching a business and why she considers it’s best to “grow organically” before looking for an investor.