7-Year-Old Anastasia Ranked Seventh on Forbes’ List of Highest-Paid Youtubers for 2020

Photo: likenastya/Instagram

Anastasia Radzinskaya, who is a 7-yers old YouTube star, made history as she finally made it to the top 10 list of highest earners on YouTube. Anastasia, who is Nastya to her viewers has earned $28 million from YouTube in 2021 and became the highest-paid Youtuber. Nastya is only 7 and she already managed to become the sixth-highest-earning YouTube star in the world for 2021.

Nastya was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after birth, and doctors predicted that she would never be able to speak but, thanks to her therapy, she overcame the disease and was able to talk normally shortly after. Her parents tracked her speech learning development by uploading videos to YouTube for friends and family. The number of people who watched her videos started increasing over time. And finally, Nastya managed to gain fame in 2018 after sharing a video of herself and her father visiting a petting zoo.

Furthermore, with an estimated yearly income of $18 million, she ranked third on Forbes’ list of top-earning YouTube stars for 2019. Her following increased to 107 million subscribers over seven channels in just one year, and she ranked third on Forbes’ list of top-earning YouTube stars for 2019. She manages family-friendly YouTube channels like “Like Nastya, Stacy Toys, Like Nastya Vlog, Stacy Show, Funny Stacy, and Funny Stacy PRT” with her parents.

In addition, Nastya sold the rights to her previous YouTube videos to Spotter in 2020, while keeping the rights to new content. Nastya made her riches through brand collaborations, a product line, and an NFT collection in addition to her Spotter money. Moreover, as per the Forbes list, she ranked seventh in Forbes’ list of the richest YouTubers for 2020.