Here’s How Entrepreneur Angelique Wohmann Become a Success Story in Luxury Fashion Industry

Photo: Angélique Wohmann/Instagram

Entrepreneur Angelique Wohmann has always been a fashion enthusiast. At a very young age, she realized that fashion is her destiny. When she decided to chase her destiny, the biggest challenge she has encountered as a woman entrepreneur was to make the decision of becoming a woman entrepreneur.

Angelique Wohmann has launched an agency “MW INTL GROUP”. MW INTL GROUP has earned a reputation as a multi-label showroom and brand development agency for luxury fashion labels, focusing on men’s and women’s accessories. Her brand is based in New York City. And it is devoted to offering tailored services with a personalized approach to each client.

Angelique helps many luxury brands to formulate wholesale strategies to sustain their long-term relationships within retailers’ networks. Currently, the Group is engaged in connecting luxury brands to more than 150 of the world’s best boutiques, e-commerce platforms, and department stores. MW INTL GROUP provides an ever-evolving experience by optimizing brand visibility and improving revenue through customized services.

In addition, Angelique’s agency collaborates with leading companies in the industry, displaying the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter seasons throughout the year in New York, Los Angeles, and Paris. Due to her determination and strong will, she became a success story in the fashion industry. She revealed that her life mantra has always been ‘Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do or achieve.’

Angelique gave some advice to young women who are thinking of starting their own business. She said young women usually doubt their abilities and talents when it comes to starting their own business, but this should not be the case. Many people tried to bring her down when she decided to start her own business, yet she manage to represent some brands which she dream of when she was a young girl.