12-Year-Old Girl Become “World’s Strongest Girl” for Her Surprising Boxing Skills


A 12-year-old girl named Evnika Saavakass has made history as she became the world’s strongest girl for her extraordinary boxing skills. The girl trains five days a week with her father, mother, and seven siblings in Russia’s Voronezh. Most of the family’s training happens outdoor in the forests surrounding their home. She and her family mostly use trees as punching bags.

She has gained popularity after her video started circulating on social media. In a video, she is seen flinging 100 punches in just a minute in a video five years ago when she was eight-year-old. The ‘world strongest girl’ is seen smashing down a tree and denting a steel door in a video.

Furthermore, Evnika’s father is a professional boxing coach named Rustram Saadvakass in Russia who witnessed her talents. Her father noticed her interest in boxing when she was just four years old. Her father disclosed that when Evnika was four, he observed she was demonstrating beautiful moves. She was so brilliant and industrious. It’s a good indication of character.  

In addition, her mother, Ania Saadvakass, is an ex-gymnast and the only one in the family who is not a boxer. Evnika has been laboring hard and preparing since she was a 3-years old little girl. She is training hard to become a professional boxer one day.

Previously, 7-year-old Rory van Ulft stunned the world with her skill to deadlift 80 kilograms. She made history and became the youngest person to earn the USA Weightlifting Youth National Championship.

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