Rachael Rollins Become First Black Woman to Serve as Massachusetts’ US Attorney


Rachael Rollins has made history as she became the first-ever black woman to serve as Massachusetts’ US attorney. President Joe Biden has nominated Rollins in July. She received huge support from Democrats who praised her for fighting crime, protecting justice and helping victims.

Rachael Rollins has pledged as Massachusetts’ US attorney in a private ceremony in the Boston federal courthouse after officially resigning as district attorney for Suffolk County, which includes Boston and three suburbs. A formal enthronement is likely to be held at later date.

Rollins takes the control of an office consisting of more than 250 federal prosecutors and staff across three locations in Boston, Worcester, and Springfield. When she was sworn in on Monday, she shared a family photo wishing her father a happy birthday.

In 2018, Rollins was elected district attorney, making her the first woman of color to hold the position in the state. She advocated for aggressive criminal justice improvements during her term, including promising not to pursue certain low-level crimes in order to concentrate on more severe offenses such as homicide.

Furthermore, Rollins graduated from the Northeastern University of Boston. She has previously worked as legal counsel for the Massachusetts Port Authority, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. From 2007 until 2011, she worked as a prosecutor in the office she now leads.