USS Abraham Lincoln Captain Becomes First Woman to Command US Nuclear Carrier

Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash

Capt. Amy Bauernschmidt has made history as she became the first woman to command US Nuclear Carrier. Bauernschmidt has earlier worked as Abraham Lincoln’s executive officer from 2016 to 2019. She assumed command from Capt. Walt Slaughter during a ceremony last August.

It is the first time in history when USS Abraham Lincoln left for San Diego for a planned mission. Capt. Amy Bauernschmidt took authority of Abraham Lincoln in August. The ship left with its strike group for a planned mission in aid of global maritime security operations.

Bauernschmidt said that these Sailors are great professionals who have worked extremely hard to ensure that they are prepared for any operational requirements while on a mission.

She added that they are properly equipped for today’s mission, and she is confident that they will courageously serve their country as they safeguard their national interests. In addition, Bauernschmidt has worked as the commanding officer of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 70 and the amphibious transport dock in San Diego. Capt. Amy has accomplished more than 3,000 flight hours during her career.

Furthermore, a 51-year-old Navy officer graduated from the United States Naval Academy in May 1994. She holds a B.S. degree in ocean engineering. She was appointed as a naval aviator in 1996 after finishing flight school. Later, Capt. Amy has got an M.A. degree in national security and strategic studies from the Naval War College.