Entrepreneur Avani Dixit’s Advice Will Make Your Entrepreneurial Journey Easier

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

In the modern world, when technology has made communication easy it also brings challenges for entrepreneurs. Due to emerging technologies, people have more and more knowledge and information about everything. So, the challenge for entrepreneurs increases as now they have to convince the target audience which has knowledge of everything.

The entrepreneurial journey is not an easy one, but this 23-year-old entrepreneur has gained recognition at a young age because of her talents. Entrepreneur Avani Shantanu Dixit is the Founder and CEO of Avani Cosmetics Pvt Ltd. She faced a lot of hurdles, but her determination and resilience helped her climb the ladder of success.

She has started a business in the beauty and cosmetic industry which tests the person’s patience to the core. At the age of 23-year-old, she has reached the top with her talents. She is an entrepreneur, celebrity stylist, philanthropist, and influencer. Her brand underscores the phrase “Beauty is Power.”

Furthermore, her vision is to increase the confidence of the wearer and arouse the right kind of passion and eagerness in them as individuals. Her brilliance was demonstrated when she made Laxmi Maa, the face of her brand’s red lipstick. After her step, her brand becomes India’s first beauty brand to have a transgender person as the face of the brand. It provides India’s first unique Italy-made, luxury, and Sephora clean cosmetic products.

In addition, she offered some advice for her young and budding women entrepreneurs. Avani disclosed that everyone in their life needs to make a tough choice, and their test will get tougher and tougher with time, so the only thing they can do to cope up with the difficult time is to prepare mentally. This can get easier if people start seeing their life as a whole and not define it by a day or year.

She also encourages others to continue to work hard and follow their dreams by remaining loyal to themselves, giving their all, but don’t be too harsh on themselves. Learning to appreciate tolerance can also help them move ahead.