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This Entrepreneur’s Beauty Brand is the Solution of all Your Skin Problems

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A second-generation entrepreneur Samhitha Inturi who is based in Hyderabad has launched a skincare brand 3AM. 3AM is gender-neutral and addresses all the skincare problems of males and females of all ages and skin types. The entrepreneurial journey of Samhitha is quite a unique one.

She has struggled a lot with her skin problems. Samhitha has not only invested her time to solve the problems of her skin but also the money. She realized that not everyone has the same skin type. She made a goal to launch a skincare brand that offers the solution for all skin type problems. Samhitha wants to offer clean, simple, and effective skincare products that solve different skin issues.

Furthermore, Samhitha revealed that everyone wants a minimalist skincare routine. In the pandemic era, when everyone is busy adapting to a new lifestyle no one wants to follow the 10-12 steps of the skincare routine. So, there is a need for a brand that provides many solutions in one product. After realizing the need, Samhitha has rolled out 3AM along with her twin brother, Sampath. While it was theorized while she was in college, the brand was rolled out in August 2020.

Her brand 3AM is positioned as a modern FMCG brand based on the mantra of “accessibility, availability, and affordability.” In addition, the range of products of 3AM includes a basic moisturizer, speed dial face mist, and sundowner sunscreen.

All the products are adaptable as the moisturizer can be used as a primer, under cream, day, and night cream. The mist also does wonders as a toner, setting spray, mist, or as an aftershave. 3AM skincare range is wrapped using eco-friendly and recyclable materials like glass bottles and Shiro paper while guaranteeing a very less amount of green plastic (PE) is being used.


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