Here’s How Social Media Helps these Women to Become Successful Entrepreneurs in Pandemic


Technological advancements and increasing trends of information sharing on social media create opportunities for people to get information whenever they want. Social media also played an important role when pandemics have struck the world in 2019. More and more entrepreneurs turned their focus towards social media to accelerate their business activities when they were forced to shut down their businesses and the lockdown was enforced to keep people safe.

In the pandemic era, these three entrepreneurs are among the others who took full advantage of social media in the critical time of the pandemic. These entrepreneurs did not let pandemic strike their business instead they discovered new opportunities. At the time of the pandemic, platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp covered the distance and connected people and organizations.

Meet these entrepreneurs who discovered unique business opportunities in a pandemic:

Maggie Inbamutiah

Maggie Inbamutiah who is a resident of Bengaluru has a passion for the environment, diversity and inclusion, and the junction of technology and society. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, Maggie and her team turned towards social media to increase the requests for hospital beds, access to EMCO machines.

Moreover, she and her team made sure that pregnant women received appropriate medical health when they are in need during the pandemic. Twitter India has named Maggie and her team as COVID Sheroes. In addition, she is also an enthusiastic supporter of women in STEM. She also founded Mandram which is an NGO that encourages dialogues in regional languages and Happifeet which is a venture that connects people with nature.

Aanya Wig

21-year-old Aanya Wig felt helpless and anxious during the pandemic, so she acted quickly and formed the Covid Fighters (India) WhatsApp group alongside Arnab Biswas. She also distributed a spreadsheet outlining all available resources, such as hospital beds, oxygen support, ambulances, and food, and had volunteers verify their availability every few hours.

Furthermore, between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m., they personally verified all of the information available on the internet, then responded to emergency and SOS calls with roughly 500 volunteers. Moreover, she is presently involved in other social activities as the creator of Girl UpRise and a member of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Council of the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI).