Here’s How These Entrepreneurs Overcome Hurdles to Launch a Cannabis Wellness Startup

Photo by Kimzy Nanney on Unsplash

Cannabis is an herbal drug but for a very long time, it was deemed a prohibited drug. But Cannabis is often used as a recreational drug. People also often use cannabis for multiple sclerosis (MS) and nerve pain. It is also used for nausea, vomiting, migraine, and many other conditions. As per the study released New England Journal of Medicine the use of CBD extracted from marijuana plants led to a reduction in seizures among children with epilepsy.

The entrepreneurs Richa Jaggi, Shivam Singhee, and Akriti Agarwal were conscious of the advantages of cannabis-based wellness treatments and oils. They have decided to launch a cannabis wellness startup after they experienced the benefits of cannabis by themselves. They launched a startup named “Awshad”. Awshad is a wellness brand for the cannabis-curious.

Richa Jaggi is the co-founder of the startup and is currently working as the chief marketing officer of the startup and Shivam Singhee is the chief executive officer. When Richa lost her dog to cancer she has made it her life mission to bring cannabis products to India. On the other hand, Shivam has intended to start a medical cannabis business. So, both the entrepreneur have combined their resources and launched a new cannabis wellness startup.

When they decided to launch a startup, they faced a lot of hurdles as they have no idea whether is cannabis business is allowed in India or not. They have no idea about the legality of cannabis in India. So, they started doing research.  The team had begun working on launching the startup in mid-2020 and started its brand in September 2021. The business was envisioned in the middle of the pandemic.

Furthermore, Awshad’s main product, the Full Spectrum Vijaya Oil helps people deal with many problems and is even known to be highly effective for people suffering from epilepsy and pain from cancer treatments. The product is made up of all the cannabinoids present in the plant such as CBD, THC, CBN, CBG, etc that work together creating an ‘entourage effect’ that is most useful for consumers.