Meesho Achieve a Milestone Of 9M Women Entrepreneurs on the Platform

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

Meesho which has earned a reputation as a fast-growing internet commerce platform disclosed that it has achieved a new milestone as the company has recorded nine million women entrepreneurs on its platform. This is the greatest achievement of commerce platforms, showing the platform’s commitment to empowering more and more women entrepreneurs.

Women entrepreneurs have also excelled in their businesses on the platform as they witnessed a 2.5X year-on-year growth in orders in 2021. The company helps women entrepreneurs in their pursuit of financial independence through the company’s reselling business model. The number of people who are not connected to the internet reached 600 million in India. A majority of these people are from non-metros. Meesho entrepreneurs are turning their focus towards this market by changing demand and offering value-conscious customers access to inexpensive products.

Furthermore, it has been disclosed that more than 60% of Meesho’s entrepreneurs are from Tier 3 markets like Dimapur, Faizabad and Haldwani, Meesho. Moreover, the highest-selling product categories on the platform are kitchen, and home décor, apparel, and personal care. It has a total of 15 million entrepreneurs on the platform.

Business on Meesho

In addition, the reseller business model of Meesho helps anyone using a smartphone establish an online business at zero cost. Entrepreneurs can make product catalogs on the app and sell to their local and digital communities with the end-to-end customer, logistics, and technological support from the company.