Sweden Reappoint First Female PM Elected for a Second Time in a Week

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

Sweden has reelected its first female prime minister Magdalena Andersson, less than a week after she steps down within hours of accepting her job as PM. After her reappointment she will form a one-party, minority government and her cabinet are likely to be elected on Tuesday. She has earlier named as prime minister for seven hours before resigning last week.

Ms. Andersson was first named last Wednesday but stepped down after her budget was overruled by Parliament and her alliance failed. After days of agreements, she amassed enough support to return to the top job Monday, this time without the opposition party that forced her to step down. Her job as prime minister, managing a single-party government, established by just a two-vote margin. She is likely to elect her cabinet on Tuesday.

Furthermore, Ms. Andersson had earlier worked as Sweden’s finance minister since 2014. She disclosed that she was “ready to do what it takes to move Sweden forward” until an election likely to take place next September. Ms. Andersson replaced the former prime minister, Stefan Lofven, as leader of the Social Democrats after a no-confidence vote against him in June.

In addition, Andersson’s job as prime minister had indicated a breakthrough for Sweden. Andersson has received the vote of 117 politicians, and 174 refused her election while 57 withdrew and one politician was absent. Under the Swedish Constitution, prime ministers can be elected and rule as long as a parliamentary majority which is a minimum of 175 lawmakers is not against them.