This Woman Entrepreneur Guides You How to Reach Consumer in the Right Way and in the Right Spirit


An entrepreneur from New Zealand Carmen Vicelich steps foot in the technology field 20-years ago when there is nothing much done in this field. There was little knowledge about the impact of technology on the world at that time. Carmen has started her career in the technology field 20-years ago and started creating valuation strategies in banking and using technology and data to create value.

She aimed to tell people how to reach the end consumers in the right way and in the right spirit. First, she has launched Data Insight which is an analytics startup that leverages data to offer personalized insights to understand consumer habits, preferences, and behaviors. She also launched another startup Valocity which focuses on the property and valuation market.

Back in 2012, when there is not a much trend of start-up as it is today, she resigned from her 10-year-old job at CoreLock which is a property information and analytics company, to start up. She said when she resigned people started to think that there’s something wrong with her mind, but she had no doubt about her decision. At that time, she exactly knows what to do.

Furthermore, both her startups are multi-million-dollar, global industry-leading businesses presently. Her business Valocity has modernized the valuation process by digitally linking lenders, valuers, brokers, and customers in one smart platform to simplify the valuation and property decisions process.

Her other company Data Insight facilitates Australasia’s largest business and government organizations utilizing the power of data and sophisticated analytics. It allows data-driven decision-making to enhance customer experience, efficiency, and profitability. In addition, her Valocity has been distinguished globally, including at the prestigious India FinTech Awards 2019 as Fintech Start-Up of the Year; Singapore Top 10 Global Fintech 2018; and Microsoft ISV Partner of the Year 2020.

Moreover, Carmen also guides several students and business founders. She is a regular global speaker sharing her story of innovation, serves on several boards including UNICEF. She also has four children.