These Entrepreneurs Proves People Wrong who Believes AI is not for Women

Photo by Gertrūda Valasevičiūtė on Unsplash

Many people believe that the sensitive nature of women makes them ineligible to lead their career in technology as they think that tech has a tendency to attract a “geeky” or “techy” kind of personality. But many women proved it wrong as many got success in AI both at the academic as well as industry levels.

We cannot deny the fact that AI is one of the growing industries in the field of competence. With the advent of new technologies, the relation between humans and computers is being reconsidered. Moreover, the growing trend of AI, new skills and exceptional human labor is in high demand. But the problem is that despite the development in society, the gender pay gap is not lessening. WEF forum disclosed that only 22 percent of AI professionals are women.

Despite all the hurdles, many women are breaking the glass ceilings and improving the field of Artificial Intelligence. These women are inspiring others to lead their careers in technology. Among many women, these three are striving hard to get success in the AI field.

Ashwini Ashokan, Founder of MadStreetDen

Ashwini Ashokan who is the founder of MadStreetDen is one of those women who are excelling in the AI field. MadStreetDen is an artificial intelligence company that leverages image-recognizing platforms to power retail, education, health, media, and more. Since its inception in 2014, the venture is based in California. Its offices have access to Chennai, Bangalore, Tokyo, London, and more.

Apurva Madiraju, VP at Swiss Re Global Business Solutions

Apurva Madiraju served as the VP at Swiss Re Global Business Solutions India in Bangalore. She is heading the data analytics and data science team of the audit function. As the leader, she is responsible for creating a machine learning and text analytics solution to deal with audit compliance risk.

Furthermore, she has more than 11 years of experience in AI, ML, data engineering, and data science. She has created multiple AI and ML-driven solutions like ticket volume forecasting models, turn-around-time prediction solutions, and more.

Ramya Joseph, Founder of Pefin

Ramya Joseph is the founder of AI-based entrepreneurial start-up Pefin. Pefin is the world’s first AI financial advisor. Joseph has earned her bachelor’s degree in computer science and masters in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Financial Engineering. She founded Pefin when her father lost his job due to a lack of financial advice when he risked his retirement plans.

When Joseph solved the problem of her dad, she found out that many people faced the same problem. Hence, she got the idea of an AI-driven financial adviser. She believed that she don’t see tech or AI as opposed to women. There are numerous successful women in AI both at the academic as well as industry levels.