Youngest Female Hockey Coach of Kashmir Dreams to Promote Hockey in Kashmir

Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash

23-year-old Reebu Hassan has made history as she became the youngest female hockey coach of Kashmir. She started her sports career in 2015 after she got inspiration from the movie “Chak De! India”. She got so much inspiration that she started taking interest in hockey and also started playing it.

Reebu has also taken part at the national level in some games such as floorball, carrom, and ball hockey. In ball hockey, she also secured a silver medal at the national level. She is an all-rounder as she has played many games like judo, carrom, boxing, hockey, kabaddi, Khokho, shooting, cricket, and football also.

Furthermore, recently, a 23-year-old has been chosen as a hockey coach by the Jammu and Kashmir sports council. She opts to promote hockey in the valley and inspire young blood to train ambitious sportspersons for different platforms in the game. Reebu is a resident of the Lasjan area of Srinagar outskirts. She disclosed that she is the only hockey coach from the Kashmir division.

Additionally, she revealed that the hockey game in Kashmir valley is given the least priority, but she is striving hard to make it more popular here. Reebu considers it important to possess a professional degree or a course certificate to be a coach or a guide for the sportspersons. Recently, she has finished her graduation and has moved to the frontier district Kupwara to train the local hockey players of the area.

Moreover, she was commended with scores of awards like the Women Empowerment Award, National Sports Award that was awarded by the National Sports and Physical Fitness Board of India for her efforts. Reebu is striving to make hockey more popular and is ready to face every difficulty in her way to promote hockey.