Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Photo by Tyler Franta on Unsplash

The hard work of women’s entrepreneurs should be celebrated every day, but there is a special day observed on the 19th of November each year to pay respect to the women’s entrepreneurs all around the globe called “Women’s Entrepreneurship Day”. The first Women’s Entrepreneurship Day was observed at the UN in 2014.

“Women’s Entrepreneurship Day” has now been declared by the United Nations and in many countries throughout the world but not yet in Australia. This year, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day will organize against the setting of celebrating the significance of promoting entrepreneurship in difficult times.

The main purpose of this day is to bring awareness and empowerment to the 4 billion women around the world so they can be catalysts for change and raise the 250 million girls living in poverty around the world. Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is an idea of an organization called the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization or WEDO. The organization has strived with individuals and group leaders within government to work for greater support of women and to teach leaders on the social and economic advantages of women’s entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, COVID-19 has affected women excessively more than men. According to a World Bank Gender Innovation Lab report, female-owned businesses were 5.9% more prone to close during a pandemic than male-owned businesses. Women take part in paid economic activities less than men. The gender gap in labor force participation reached 14% in the median OECD country, 26% in the median middle-income country, and 13% in the median low-income country.