Kim Kardashian Assist Afghan Women’s Soccer Team Reach the UK

Photo by Donnycocacola on Unsplash

American socialite Kim Kardashian has provided support to the Afghan women’s soccer team to fly from Pakistan to the UK. Afghan women’s soccer team was hopeless when their country was snatched by the Taliban. Taliban are not comfortable in allowing women especially women who play sport to play as they want.

After the capture of Afghanistan by the Taliban, women playing sports was seen as a political act of rebelliousness against the Taliban, and hundreds of female athletes have left Afghanistan since the group returned to power and started limiting women’s education and freedoms. Britain and other countries displaced thousands of Afghans in a hurried airlift as Kabul plunged to Taliban militants in August. Many more people have since abandoned their land and were forced to go to the neighboring countries in hopes of traveling on to the West.

Furthermore, members of Afghanistan’s women’s youth development soccer team reached Britain early Thursday after being flown from Pakistan with the help of a New York rabbi, a U.K. soccer club, and Kim Kardashian West. It has been disclosed that a plane hired by reality star transported more than 30 teenage players and their families, about 130 people in all.

The plane has landed at Stansted Airport near London. Moreover, the Afghans will spend 10 days in coronavirus quarantine before starting new lives in Britain. Additionally, English Premier League club Leeds United has volunteered to support the players. Rabbi Moshe Margaretten has joined hands with reality TV star Kardashian West on criminal justice reform in the U.S. He asked for her help to pay for a rented plane to the U.K.