This HR-Professional-Turned-Entrepreneur Strive to Promote Diversity and Inclusion at Workplace

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

Sonica Aron, an HR-Professional-Turned-Entrepreneur is the Founder and Managing Partner of the HR consultancy services firm Marching Sheep. She struggled hard to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She knows exactly what it feels like when women faced biases in the workplace.

When Sonica took her first maternity leave, she had turned to work half a day from the office and the other half from home. She disclosed that when the leadership changed at her workplace, they started saying that she had been given extra benefits, but Sonica knew that many other women had experienced similar events of microaggression and prejudices.

Sonica had decided to make a substantial difference in women’s lives and careers and increase respect and equality for all in a systematic manner. To do this she has launched “Marching Sheep” in 2013. Moreover, Sonica was identified by Forbes India in 2020 among the top 25 most-appreciated people and the firm has accepted several awards as well.

Furthermore, Marching Sheep mainly provided services relating to diversity and inclusion strategies, HR consulting, leadership and talent development, and health and wellness portfolio, which emphases serving companies drive productivity and profitability by guaranteeing a stress-free workplace and concentrating on emotional, mental, and physical health.

Sonica contemplates that change rests in tackling mindsets through gender sensitization strategies and programs to absorb a truly inclusive environment. In addition to hiring, she stressed encouraging women in junior levels by making sure the horizontal or environment where they feel valued and have a place to raise.