Here’s How This Woman Help People Honor the Memory of their Loved Ones

Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash

Porterdale resident and Conyers native Molly Canfield has started her own business named Georgia Gravecare. She enjoys that moment in her life when she helped other people, so she tried to start a new business that help people honor the memory of their loved ones. Before starting her own business, she has no idea how to run an enterprise.

After her retirement, she learn many things to start a business from YouTube and started her own business. The services Georgia Gravecare provides are general grooming maintenance and floral decorations. Her business offers a lot of services options to clients to choose from. She disclosed that her mother gave her the idea to start a new business.

Canfield revealed that she is interested in the history of cemeteries and being outdoors and being able to do something for a family that maybe can’t do this themselves any longer. She stated that caring for a loved one’s gravesite is a deeply personal and precious responsibility. With this thought in mind, she is grateful when she can offer peace of mind for the family realizing that their loved one’s final resting place is sympathetically and humbly preserved.

Additionally, Canfield disclosed that watching YouTube videos gave her confidence to go into business for herself but rewiring with her faith was also instrumental in her decision. Presently, Canfield is more concerned in getting her name out to let others know of the service she provides, which she said is not made up of a crowd of competitors. Canfield said that she saw a clear link between her old job and her new one.