Shannon Singh Announces Return to OnlyFans


Scottish reality TV personality Shannon Singh disclosed that she has decided to return to OnlyFans just four months after quitting the job. The star has revealed that she is trying to empower other women through her content. She stated that she has always used the site for content and lifestyle because she considered it such a great subscription-based platform for creators.

Previously, the Love Island star disclosed that she wouldn’t go back to sharing impudent content after appearing on the reality show, but now she has had a change of heart. She said that it makes her feel empowered. Shannon is trying to break the stigma around the site. Shannon has now unveiled her own #ilovemine campaign, which urges women to take ownership over their bodies.

Furthermore, the reality TV personality disclosed that before she went into Love Island, she has decided to close her OnlyFans account because she was aware of the disgrace around the site. Moreover, she wished people to get to know the real her instead of making decisions because of her OnlyFans account.

Additionally, she added that she is fully aware that there is still a dishonor around the site, and she wishes to try and inspire people to stop shaming those creatives using the site, who are taking ownership over their content. She disclosed that she is trying to use OnlyFans and Twitch to cooperate and interact with my fans and audience not to reveal explicit content. She wanted to make sure she is trying to connect with the audience as much as possible.

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