Jessica Rosenworcel Expected to Become F.C.C.’s First Female Leader

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Jessica Rosenworcel is going to make history as the White House has shown intention to appoint her as the first female leader of the Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C.). Jessica is the interim chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission. If she got confirmation from the Senate, she would be the first female to manage the agency.

It is expected that after her confirmation Ms. Rosenworcel would head an agency whose duties include making sure that millions of Americans have internet access. The F.C.C. fosters competition among suppliers. It examines mergers between telecommunications and broadcast companies and governs communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable.

Sources disclosed that President Joe Biden is going to announce Jessica’s nomination later on Tuesday. Recently, President Joe has faced a lot of pressure to fill two open positions at the F.C.C. The two positions include the perpetual leader of the agency and the position on the five-member commission that Ms. Rosenworcel relinquished when she became the interim chairwoman.

Furthermore, Ms. Rosenworcel battled enthusiastically for the permanent job, with female members of Congress, five labor unions, 14 human rights groups, and two dozen Senate Democrats urging Mr. Biden to appoint her. In a recent letter to the White House, 33 congresswomen admitted Ms. Rosenworcel as a skilled F.C.C. official who has discussed publicly how working mothers can be policy leaders.

Additionally, Ms. Rosenworcel returned to the F.C.C. in 2011 as President Barack Obama’s appointee to the commission, and she was reelected by President Donald J. Trump in 2017. A resident of Connecticut, Ms. Rosenworcel enrolled in Wesleyan College and New York College Legislation University. In 2001, she accompanied the workers of the F.C.C. commissioner Michael Copps, a Democrat, rising to senior adviser.