Shirin Hamid Becomes IMF’s Chief Information Officer


Singaporean Shirin Hamid has made history as she became a chief information officer of IMF and director of the Information Technology department. Ms. Shirin Hamid is anticipated to take her new role on Jan 4 next year. She will replace Mr. Edward Anderson, who left IMF in June. Her keen experience, strategic vision, and significant talent for leading large, culturally distinct teams are assets that will help the fund accomplish its modernization goals.

Previously, Ms. Hamid served as the Director-General and CIO of the Information Technology Department at the ADB since 2016, where she headed a team of more than 600 IT workers. In that role, Ms. Hamid transformed the Bank’s IT ecosystem, streamlined policies, overhauled active operations. She strived hard to reinforce IT and data governance, and also promoted modernization on big data, cybersecurity, and digital platforms.

Furthermore, Shirin will be entering the Fund at this important time when it tries to upgrade the digital workplace, along with other capital improvements. Her diverse background, strategic vision, and significant talent for leading large, multicultural teams are the funds that will help the Fund accomplish its innovation goals.

Additionally, her appointment is the result of an internationally competitive process. Shirin is removing the tired stereotypes that women and minorities are not good at IT/tech. Her strong strategic vision is focused on using technology to allow businesses to achieve success in their work.