24-Year-Old Turkish Woman Titled the World’s Tallest Living Woman by Guinness World Records


A 24-year-old Turkish woman named Rumeysa Gelgi has set Guinness World Record as she is the world’s tallest living woman. She is 7 feet, 0.7 inches tall. The phenomenal height of Rumeysa is because of the Weaver syndrome which is a rare condition that causes accelerated growth. Rumeysa was only 14 when she was named as the world’s tallest living female teenager in 2014.

Her height was remeasured in the current year and her height was confirmed by the Guinness World Records. After receiving the Guinness World Record Rumeysa disclosed that the syndrome which she is suffering from is a rare genetic mutation syndrome. This condition is so rare as Rumeysa revealed that she is the only case in Turkey. She is the only member of her family who has phenomenal height.

She said that her family is very supportive. Her family is not ashamed or embarrassed because of her condition instead they feel proud when she goes in front of the camera. She was born with some serious physical diseases, such as scoliosis. Ms. Gelgi revealed that she is mostly wheelchair-bound and sometimes she walks using a walker.  

Furthermore, Ms. Gelgi admitted that she was harassed during her childhood. But she has received much support from her family. She also said that though people get fascinated by her, most strangers who passed her on the streets were good to her. Guinness World Records disclosed: “Being different is not that bad. It can make you accomplish things you never imagined before.”

In addition, she revealed that there are many advantages of being the tallest person. The first advantage for her is that she became the Guinness World Records holder. The other advantage she received is that she feels that she is a special person. She is using her title for advocacy purposes. Due to her phenomenal height, she received love from people, but sometimes people stared at her and asked her weird questions. But Ms. Gelgi accepted her rare condition.