This Woman Entrepreneur Advice will Help You to Grow Your Business

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Robin Kovitz, an entrepreneur is currently serving as the President & CEO of Baskits Inc. which is one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies. Baskits has earned a reputation as it designs, manufactures, and offers unique and magnificent gifts across Canada and the US. Robin disclosed that during her entrepreneurial journey she encountered a lot of challenges.

Robin revealed that she decided to become an entrepreneur after she gave birth to her first child. At that time, she wasn’t sure how she could continue working downtown, in the office, for 60+ hours per week as she had for the past 10 years. Most importantly, she wanted to work from home 10 years before COVID-19 made it conventional and she contemplated that entrepreneurship was the only way to do that.

Robin stated that when people start their business, they always faced challenges but a “never give up” attitude will help them to stay consistent. She revealed that as an entrepreneur, people will be struck downtime and time again and they must have the ability to overcome those challenges and continue their journey.

Furthermore, Robin has started her career in Mergers and Acquisitions investment banking at CIBC World Markets and was awarded Chairman’s Award in 2005. Robin served in private equity on the acquisitions of mid-sized firms and as a Summer Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group where she managed a part of a large-scale cost reduction project at a Canadian bank before purchasing Baskits in 2014.

She was only 14-years old when she started her first job in the factory floor/assembly line of her family’s meat manufacturing business in Calgary, Alberta. Her never-give-up attitude keep her motivated all the time and made her strong to run a business like Baskits. She said that her best advice to people exploring ways to grow their business is to really comprehend the target market and understand how your target market relates to your value proposition.

Furthermore, she said that her advice for entrepreneurs is that always remember that profitable growth is what matters. Additionally, she stated that a great leader is someone who can support a team around a vision to accomplish something larger than themselves. Someone who is able to motivate people to give their very best.