Here’s How this Entrepreneur Turns Odds in Her Favor to Grow Her Business

Photo by Marcus Loke on Unsplash

A 58-year-old entrepreneur Sarah Simonds, from Swaffham who is the owner of a Boutique named Artichoke has started her business as she became fully aware of how few fashion collections are designed with the older woman in mind. She was running her business smoothly, but odds were not in her favor back in March 2020 when lockdown got imposed.

She witnessed her business decline and the revenue dropped as all of the planned events got canceled due to the pandemic emerged out of nowhere. Pandemic and lockdown have forced Sarah to close her boutique. She has only two options left either to go bankrupt or to reinvent and expand the business into a new space. Sarah chose the latter option.

Sarah has decided to turn the odds in her favor by overhauling her website and started uploading every item of clothing, footwear, and jewelry onto her website. She started doing weekly styling videos. Sarah struggled a lot to cope up with new challenges as she herself stated that she had never ever imagined in her wildest dream that someday she become a model, videographer, and social media guru in her mid-fifties.

Her online business started growing rapidly and she started to learn new things every day.  Presently, alongside her colleague, Donna, they help to develop the business and are now expanded their business from Swaffham marketplace to 1 London Street, so they can have space for both their online and in-person experience to flourish. This is the journey of Sarah who has turned odds in her favor during the difficult time of her life instead of giving up. She is an inspiration for all the entrepreneurs out there struggling with their businesses.