Here’s How You Can Switch Between Dark and Light Mode on LinkedIn


American business and employment-oriented online service LinkedIn has finally introduced the Dark Mode like every other social media app. LinkedIn disclosed that it has witnessed a huge demand for a dark mode which encouraged LinkedIn to roll out dark mode. LinkedIn revealed that its team has adopted “a thoughtful approach” to guarantee that dark mode took accessibility and inclusivity considerations into account and allowed all of its users to take advantage.

LinkedIn ensures that the new dark mode feature fulfills accessibility standards, with color and contrast elements that help decrease eye strain and keep in mind light sensitivities. Earlier, in April LinkedIn has introduced many updates to its platform to make it more accessible. The worldwide rollout of dark mode enabled LinkedIn to join other tech firms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Steps to Turn on dark mode on Desktop

LinkedIn has enabled dark mode for both desktop and mobile. On desktop, users only need to click on the “Me” icon at the top of their LinkedIn homepage. After clicking “Me”, now choose “Settings & Privacy” from the dropdown menu. Under “Account Preferences” on the left, click “Display”. In the Display section, click “Change” next to “Dark Mode”.

Steps to Turn on dark mode on Mobile

To enable dark mode on a mobile phone, a user only needs to click on his/her profile picture, then click on “Settings”. Now choose “Account preferences tab” and select “Dark mode under Display”. This is how a user can switch on between light and dark mode whenever he/she wants.

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