Ashley Olsen Made her Comeback to Red Carpet in Full-On Monochrome


American fashion designer Ashley Olsen had finally made her comeback but in an all-black ensemble. The 35-year-old fashion designer and former actress walked the red carpet for the first time in two years. Ashley has earlier made her first appearance on the red carpet in June 2019, when she and twin sister Mary-Kate appeared in that year’s CFDA Awards.

The actress appeared at the YES 20th Anniversary Celebration in Beverly Hills with her longtime boyfriend Louis Eisner, whose father is the founder of the organization. For the special event, she has chosen a chic all-black outfit included a floor-length black dress with a high neckline and a long black coat adorned over her shoulders.

Furthermore, with her all-black ensemble, she chose to go with minimal accessories. She chose a simple pair of gold hoops and a matching ring. Her hair was slicked back into a low-slung bun, and makeup-wise, she chose peachy eyes and lips. Previously this year, Mary-Kate, 35, has discussed in an interview why she and her sister have shunned the public eye in recent years.

She disclosed that she and Ashley grew up with the aim to maintain their private personal lives. We were raised to be modest people, she disclosed. Moreover, the twins recently had a red-carpet appearance together at the 2021 Emmy Awards, although they were not actually present at the ceremony, paying tribute to the best of the best in television.

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