Here’s How This Woman is Breaking Stereotypes behind the Wheel

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Souad Hdidou from Moroccan capital Rabat is breaking stereotypes and sets a new example for other women. She has made history as she became the only female taxi driver. Her passion and hard work proved that no one could stop women if she vows to do anything. 33-years old Hdidou has started working as a truck driver after she was dropped out of school.

To get more freedom and to increase her income she decided to become a taxi driver. Before switching to a taxi, she worked for a fish distribution company. Her career choice has empowered many women. Souad has made other women of her town feel safe as she helped them whenever they are in need.

Souad working as a female taxi driver not only enable her to support her family but also help other women of the town. The women of her town sometimes gave her the responsibility to pick their children from school. She also got many women clients who called her to pick them up at night because they feel safer and more comfortable with Souad.

She now makes enough to pay the mortgage on her flat near Rabat as well as helping her family in the countryside and has made a strong customer base. In Rabat, there were nearly seven females licensed as taxi drivers, but they all quit except Souad Hdidou who is working passionately. In Morocco, the taxi business is difficult for men as they are not allowed to access state health and pension facilities.

Furthermore, Souad disclosed that her job is not easy as she is facing various difficulties. She revealed that the cost of renting the license as well as car operating costs make up 70% of her monthly income. Souad disclosed that since childhood her dream is to work in international transport and now, she is striving to get different types of driving licenses to fulfill her dream.