Meet the 10-Year-Old Entrepreneur who Vows to Share Chic Girls Fashion with World

Photo: Esined/Instagram

Madison Denise is a 10-year-old entrepreneur who earned a reputation as the Founder and Chic Executive Officer of a business named Esined. She is only ten, but she launched a business already and joined the other entrepreneurs who are doing wonders around the world with their businesses.

When Denise was a little girl, she used to dress up in her mother’s clothes and wore her shoes as she always loved fashion. Her interest in the fashion industry led her to start her own business. She disclosed that she used to discuss with her mom about the fashion business and one day when her mother asked her if she really wanted to do the business in the fashion industry and she said yes.

She picked up the paper and made the business plan. So in 2020, when every business witnessed a decline due to lockdowns etc. She launched her business and gave it the name Esined. Esined is Denise spelled backward and she chose this name because it has the middle name of her, her mom, and her grandmother.

She launched her business using her business idea and plan which has made for mom-approved, trendy clothes for tweens. She set the prices of clothes around $20 to $30 which would be affordable to every tween. Her idea is unique because her business is exclusively for tweens and all the clothes designed are mom-approved which is a plus point for her business.

Madison Denise is a young girl who loves track and field, dancing, and striving to share chic girls’ fashion with the world. She disclosed her mom is always by her side to see the clothes are mom-approved and Denise sees the clothes must be sweet and chic.  During weekdays Denise served her time to study and she spared weekends for her business and friends.

Recently, she has received $500 from the Beacon-State Fund. The Beacon state awarded the fund to support her business through their North Texas Pitch Competition. Denise has disclosed that she is happy to receive the support and could not explain her happiness after seeing her name in the news.