Albania’s Assembly Confirms Cabinet Dominated by Women

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

The Parliament or Assembly of Albania has confirmed Friday the Cabinet of Prime Minister Edi Rama is dominated by women. Rama has secured a record third consecutive term in April. He has vowed to focus on the economic growth of the country with the main focus on tourism and agriculture.

The Socialist party of PM Edi has secured 74 of 140 seats in parliament, and his choice of ministers was anticipated to be accepted. Cabinets are always chosen several months after general elections in Albania. The new government of Edi has made history as his cabinet is going to have more female ministers.

Furthermore, the 57-year-old politician has appointed women in top positions throughout his career. Additionally, during his tenures as culture minister, mayor of the Albanian capital Tirana, and as prime minister, a position he has held since 2013, he gave most positions to the female. Rama advised the minister that they would not be preferred due to their gender.

He also warned the ministers that the length of their terms would depend exclusively on their performance in their posts, and they shouldn’t be any gender discrimination. There are many challenges Albania’s new government has to face. It has to finalize the reconstruction process after the November 2019 earthquake.

The government has to tackle pandemic and its impact on the economy, as well as fighting corruption and drug trafficking, increasing growth to at least 4% yearly, rising salaries, and reducing unemployment. Rama pledged to make Albania by 2030 “an absolute champion of tourism in the Balkans.