Former Afghan Women’s Chief Urge World not to Punish Afghan Men’s Cricket Team

Photo by Todd Trapani on Unsplash

Former Afghan women’s Chief Tuba Sangar has requested the world to support the Men’s cricket team of Afghanistan after women’s cricket teams were not allowed to play cricket. Tuba urged the world to not punish Men’s cricket team by boycotting their matches as they are the only hope for the cricket of Afghanistan.

After the Taliban has taken the control of Afghanistan, they have barred women top play cricket. They were banned from playing any sport such as cricket which expose their bodies or reveal to the media. This is the stance of the Taliban behind their decision to stop women from playing cricket.

The former women’s chief disclosed that the sports sanctions would harm the game at the grassroots including for women and girls. Tuba said that Afghanistan men’s cricket team has played a very important role in displaying the positive image of Afghanistan to the world. They did a lot for Afghanistan, and they don’t deserve this boycott.

Furthermore, 28-year-old Tuba who served as the director of women’s cricket at the Afghanistan Cricket Board from 2014-2020 disclosed that if Afghanistan will lose its men’s cricket team as well then, the last hope for cricket in the country would vanish.

Tuba plead came after Australia’s cricket chiefs warned to cancel a historic maiden Test between the two countries which is scheduled to happen in November after a senior Taliban official went on television to disclosed that it was “not necessary” for women to play. Taliban government has stated that they have no issue with the Afghan men’s cricket team playing cricket.

But it is not confirmed yet whether the Taliban will allow women’s teams to play or not. The takeover has questioned the future of Afghanistan’s partaking in Test matches, as under International Cricket Council guidelines, nations must also have an active women’s team.