This Woman Entrepreneur Reveals What Make Women, and Moms Good at Business

Photo by Tyler Franta on Unsplash

Women are multitaskers, excellent collaborators are above all hardworking. They can do everything once they set their minds to do something. But some women entrepreneur finds it difficult to manage work and family and do a good business. To guide these women Nina Vaca, a chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group, has shared her experience as she built a multi-million-dollar company while raising her four kids.

She disclosed that she has started her business when she was only 25-years old with only a $300 investment but her hard work and passion help her to raise her company to a multi-million-dollar company. The extraordinary leadership qualities of Nina have pushed Pinnacle Group from a niche IT services firm to the global workforce solutions powerhouse it is today. Currently, it is offering industry-leading workforce solutions and high-end IT services to iconic global brands.

Nina has four kids and she is not only a good entrepreneur but also a good mother to her four children as she raised them and built a successful company only by herself. She disclosed that she always had this thing in mind that she will have a big family but one can either have a big family or a big career. But Nina has decided to have both with her extraordinary qualities.

Nina has talked about the biggest challenge which she faced in her entrepreneurial journey. In 2001, two days after the 9/11 attack she delivered her second child and that was the time when businesses suffered the most. That was the most difficult time for her as she has taken full control of her company with two children under the age of 18 months. She had four kids in 6 years, and it is indeed a difficult journey for her to build a business and build a family altogether.

When she was asked what make women and mom good at business, she disclosed that in a family, you’re striving to bring out the best in everyone. In business, it’s no different. She discovered that women are excellent multitaskers, collaborators and have that sense of bringing out the best in people all for one mission. That’s the key to success.

Furthermore, she also gave advice for women and moms who are struggling to balance home and work. Nina stated that she advised women “Don’t beat yourself up”. She said that there is nothing more powerful than the silent example for your children. She also stated that “Confidence is the best outfit you can wear to an interview. Honesty is the best interview strategy.”