Afghan Women are Not Allowed to Play Sport

Photo by tazain bin alam on Unsplash

Afghan women are not allowed to play sport. The decision came after the Taliban has taken the control of the country. In the latest development, the Taliban disclosed that Afghan women will not be allowed to play sports, including cricket, which will “reveal their bodies” or reveal them to the media. This new decision is not surprising for many because the world is already expecting that Afghan women will never be able to fulfill their dreams and live freely after the control of the Taliban.

The deputy head of the Taliban‘s cultural commission, Ahmadullah Wasiq, confirmed that sport is not seen as something that is important for women.” Mr. Wasiq said: “I don’t think women will be permitted to play cricket because it is not essential that women should play cricket.” This decision of the Taliban government has shattered the dreams of Afghan women players.

On the other hand, when asked about the men’s sports Mr. Wasiq confirmed that the Taliban would allow men’s cricket to continue and that it has given the positive signal for the men’s national team to travel to Australia for a test match in Hobart later this year. Twenty-five female cricketers were bestowed contracts by Afghanistan’s Cricket Board in November last year and it seems like that it has continued to pay the players.

Furthermore, the ICC requires that all 12 of its full members have a national women’s team, and only full members of the ICC are allowed to play test matches. Mr. Wasiq stated that Islam permitted women to go out on a need’s basis such as for shopping. Sport is not considered a need. Afghanistan women’s cricket team disclosed that the Taliban had targeted players, making warnings if they tried to play cricket again.