Colorado Nurse Opt a Unique Way to Pay Tribute to her Fellow Healthcare Workers


A Colorado nurse has chosen a unique way to pay tribute to her fellow healthcare workers. She took the empty vials of the COVID-19 vaccine and changed them into beautiful art. Laura Weiss disclosed that she was a retired nurse when Boulder County Public Health requested her for help in inoculating vaccines in February.

Laura disclosed that when she saw the empty vaccine vials, she thinks that why not uses these vials to make something beautiful because otherwise they will be wasted. Weiss got the go-ahead to use the glass Moderna vaccine vials and made a beautiful chandelier. She disclosed that after deciding to make something with the empty vials she started thinking about what she can make with these empty vials.

She came up with the idea of making something with light because she realized that COVID-19 has darkened the lives of many people and after the pandemic, many people lost their loved ones. So, she decided to make something that gives them hope. The idea of making a chandelier will bring light to the lives of people during the dark period of their lives.

Furthermore, she disclosed: “I think that light can represent hope and clarity and it also has the potential to actually expand the bigger view and verify perspective.” Laura revealed that the actual idea of making a chandelier came from an eBay buying. She discovered the empty frame online and thought it would be a great vessel for her project.

Additionally, the nurse revealed: “From a distance, the chandelier just looks like a regular chandelier, but as you get up closer to it, it becomes actually something very different, and it changes your perspective.”  The art piece doesn’t have a perpetual home yet, but Weiss said that wherever it goes, she wants everyone who can see it to comprehend her intent to pay homage to healthcare workers who put their health and lives at risk during the pandemic.