15-Year-Old Amina Shigri Make History after Scaling 6,400m Khusar Gang Peak

Photo by Clay Knight on Unsplash

15-year-old Amina Shigri has made history as she became the first teenage climber from Shigar to scale the 6,400-meter Khusar Gang Peak in Shigar district of Gilgit-Baltistan. Her father Sharafat Ali Khawaja, and her brother, Ahmed Ali have joined her to achieve the milestone. She along with her father and brother commenced the journey on August 27, 2021.

Amina and her father and brother have not received any support from any sponsors to continue this journey. Amina along with her father and brother managed to reach the peak of Khusar Gang in a week. They made their country proud by raising the Pakistani flag at the summit on Thursday.

Furthermore, it has been uncovered by sources that Amina’s father is an experienced climber, but this is the first time for Amina and her brother to reach the peak in their lives. The father of Amina, Sharafat Ali Khawaja, had earlier summit many peaks and he has trained his children for the new summit.

Sajid Ali Sadpara also took to Twitter and congratulated Amina for her successful summit. Khosar Gang is a 6000m peak in the great Karakoram ranges of Pakistan. It is located in the Sildi village of Shigar Valley and is about a 45 km ride away from Skardu city. The first popular trip to the peak was headed by an American couple in 1899, which at that time was a world altitude record for women mountaineers.

Additionally, Amina has devoted the feat to national hero Mohammad Ali Sadpara who lost his life while climbing K2 in the winter 2021 summit. Amina and her father and brother have received a warm welcome in their home after the successful expedition.

She has disclosed that she is planning to raise the flag of Pakistan on the world’s second-highest mountain K2 in the future.