New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Implore Taliban to Maintain Women’s Rights


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern became the first woman who raised a voice for Afghan women who are now left alone in their country as the Taliban has taken the control of Kabul. She requested the Taliban to protect and maintain the rights of women and minorities. She begged the Taliban to provide Afghan women the right to work and education.

Jacinda stated that the situation in Afghanistan had worsened much faster than expected. The country is striving to provide aid to the New Zealanders and some Afghans who worked with New Zealand agencies. On the other hand, the Taliban has stated that they would not attack the embassies of different countries in Afghanistan.

On Sunday, the Taliban has taken the control of Kabul and the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani fled the country. Jacinda said at a news conference in the capital Wellington: “I would just again beg those who made these moves in recent days to accept what the international community has called for human rights and the safety of their people.”

Furthermore, she said: “’What we want to see is women and girls being able to access work and education. These are things that have traditionally not been available to them where there has been governance by Taliban.’” Her appeal comes as China, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey is mediating with the Taliban.

Russia disclosed that its ambassador to Afghanistan will comply with the Taliban in Kabul on Tuesday, although it has not yet formally recognized any new government. On the other hand, Boris Johnson has cautioned that no country should recognize a Taliban state.

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