Pakistani Entrepreneur Fiza Farhan Chosen as MCC Project Convener


Pakistani Entrepreneur Fiza Farhan has been appointed as Project Convener Pakistan for Male Champions of Change (MCC). MCC which is an international organization has gained recognition for its struggle for the promotion of women into leadership positions, attain gender equality, and create truly distinct and inclusive workplaces worldwide.

As Project Convener Pakistan, Fiza Farhan will be responsible for a direct connection between MCC Pakistan technical advisor EY Ford Rhodes and the Champions of Change Coalition globally. She will also be responsible for presiding over all MCC meetings along with directing, urging, and inspiring MCCs on gender equality issues, progress, initiatives, and results.

Furthermore, she will also be serving as an ambassador of the strategy and improvement of the MCC in Pakistan to various business, government communities, and media stakeholders. Moreover, members of MCC Pakistan include CEOs of various organizations including Telenor Pakistan, EY Ford Rhodes, NetSol Technologies Inc. PepsiCo Pakistan, Serena Hotels, Pakistan Microfinance Investment Company, and others

Additionally, as per the Global Gender Gap Index, Pakistan presently ranks the second lowest country in the world for gender equality. Pakistan aimed to promote gender equality by 2025. Fiza stated that it’s an honor to be part of this respected global group that represents Pakistan. The heart of the MCC strategy brings men of power and authority to form a high-profile alliance to champion, impact and accomplish change on gender equality issues in organizations and communities.