Malala Yousafzai Request World’s Leaders to Take Urgent Action for Afghanistan

Photo: Malalayousafzai/Instagram

Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai who has also suffered at the hands of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) raised her voice against the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. She has requested the world’s leader to take immediate action to protect the human rights in Afghanistan after the Taliban has taken the control of capital city Kabul.

The ex-president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani has fled the country, leaving his nation behind at the hands of the Taliban. After that, the situation in Afghanistan got worsen. Yousafzai stated that Biden “has a lot to do” and must “take a courageous step” to safeguard the Afghan people. She further stated that she had been striving to reach out to several global leaders.

Furthermore, Malala said that the worst situation in Afghanistan is actually a serious humanitarian crisis right now that we need to offer our help and support. In 2012, when Malala was just 15, she has suffered a gunshot by the Taliban. She was under attack for her campaign to protect the right of women to education.

After suffering herself at the hands of the Taliban and now seeing the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan she is deeply worried about the safety of women and girls in Afghanistan. Malala stated that she had got a chance to talk to a few activists in Afghanistan, including women’s rights activists, and they are stating their concern about the fact that they are not sure what their life is going to be like.

Malala disclosed that she had forwarded a letter to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan requesting him to acknowledge the Afghan refugees and guarantee that all refugee children “have access to education, have access to safety and protection, that their futures are not lost. After suffering a gunshot Malala shifted to England, where she got medical treatment. She has got a Philosophy, Politics, and Economics degree from Oxford University last year.