Afghan Paralympic Athletes Unable to Participate in Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games


Afghan Paralympic athletes will no longer participate in Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games after the Taliban has taken the control of the capital city. This is heartbreaking news for the Paralympic athletes who have been striving to compete in the game.

Before the control of the Taliban, it was disclosed that two Paralympic athletes from Afghanistan were planned to participate in the Games which is scheduled on August 24, 2021. The two athletes include taekwondo athlete Zakia Khudadadi and track athlete Hossain Rasouli. Zakia Khudadadi would have been the first woman to represent Afghanistan at a Paralympic Games when they begin in Tokyo this month, but her dream has been crushed in the midst of the country’s instability.

The International Paralympic Committee declared Monday that the athletes from Afghanistan, including the first female Paralympian in the country’s history, will not participate in the Games due to the unrest in their country. This is the most disturbing news coming from Afghanistan to date.

IPC spokesman Craig Spence disclosed: “Regrettably, NPC (National Paralympic Committee) Afghanistan will no longer take part in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.”  As per IPC, the situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated after the Taliban has taken the control of Kabul and due to the worsening situation all airports are shut down and there is no way for the athlete to travel to Tokyo.

Furthermore, US forces took over the air traffic control at Kabul airport, where five deceased on Monday in disorderly scenes. There are also reports of firing in the air and a panic. Taliban has controlled the major areas of Afghanistan including the capital city after the two-decade-long control of US forces ended.