Afghan Women’s Efforts of Years Crumble in Second After Taliban Control on Kabul

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Afghan women are now left alone in their own country as the Taliban has taken the control of Kabul. The only hope for women of Afghanistan vanished when they heard the news of their President fleeing his country without any prior notice. Afghan women who are educated and outspoken are in fear that their efforts of many years have crumbled in a second after the Taliban’s control on Kabul.

One of the Afghan female Journalists disclosed that she has served her country for many years. She raised her voice for Afghan People and especially for Afghan women and now the time has reached where the identity of women in Afghanistan is about to destroy but she couldn’t do anything. She said she is now witnessing the silence filled with the fear of the Taliban.

Female journalists and other females of different professions are now confined to their houses to avoid the brutality of the Taliban. Female journalists who were free in their country before now feared that if they utter a word against the Taliban their life would be in danger. One of the university students disclosed that she is now seeing all around her the ‘fearful faces of women and ugly faces of men who hate women.’

Afghanistan women are now questioning what they did wrong to deserve all this. They have strived for years to stand up on their feet and now they have to remain in the confinement and with the fear of losing lives any moment. One of the university students disclosed that when she heard of the Taliban entering Kabul she rushed to her home. After entering the home, the first thing which she and her sister did is to hide their diplomas, IDs, and certificates.

She disclosed that now she will be unable to pursue her degree freely and now she has to burn everything she has achieved. Afghan women give up a lot for the little freedom they had. As an orphan, she weaved carpets just to get an education. She encountered a lot of financial problems, but she had a lot of plans for my future. But she did not anticipate everything to end up like this.