Rihanna’s Brand Faces Lawsuit by Fellow Musician


The Fenty Company of Singer Rihanna has faced a lawsuit by a fellow musician who alleged the brand has performed the wrong version of a song at a fashion show. The lawsuit has also disclosed that the act of the firm has forced the musician to go into hiding after suffering warnings. The lawsuit also alleged that the wrong version of the song, which was played at the event, with the track including sacred Islamic proverbs.

The artist described to as Jane Doe to safeguard her identity, says RiRi get in touch with them about using their tune in a Savage X Fenty show last autumn. The artist, who’s lodged a complaint as Jane Doe to protect her identity, alleges she instantly got a potential threat on her life when the fashion show was live-streamed to millions.

Furthermore, Rihanna has publicly apologized for the incident which has hurt the feelings of many. She wrote: “I’d like to thank the Muslim community for showing out a huge mistake that was unintentionally rude in our Savage X Fenty show. I would, more importantly, like to apologize to you for this honest, yet careless mistake. We understand that we have hurt many of our Muslim brothers and sisters, and I’m incredibly dismayed by this.”

Moreover, she wrote: “I do not play with any kind of irreverence toward God or any religion and therefore the use of the song in our project was completely unpredictable. Moving forward we will make sure nothing like this ever happens again. Thank you for your forgiveness and understanding.”