Nevin Harrison Bags Gold Medal in First-Ever Olympic Women’s Canoe Single 200m Sprint


Nevin Harrison from the USA has made history and made her country proud as she has won the gold medal in the first-ever Olympic women’s Canoe Single 200m Sprint. After winning the gold medal she became the first gold medalist in the debut event at Sea Forest Waterway. This is the historic achievement of Nevin in her career.

She took the gold medal in the winning time of 45.932 seconds. 19-years old has defeated Canada’s Laurence Vincent-Lapointe and Ukraine’s Liudmyla Luzan in a major race that was determined by the last 100 meters. Canada’s Laurence Vincent-Lapointe took the silver medal with her. Her winning time was 46.786. On the other hand, Ukraine’s Liudmyla Luzan in a time of 47.034b claimed a bronze medal.

After winning the gold medal Nevin was surprised and became speechless. She felt that she was in a dream. She said that winning a gold medal in the perfect thing for her, and she didn’t ask for any other perfect thing than this.  In addition to this, 19-year-old American sprint canoeist was the quickest qualifier for the final at the Sea Forest Waterway. She also set an Olympic best time of 44.9.38 in the heat.

Moreover, doctors discovered that Harrison has hip dysplasia. It is a disorder most frequently found in dogs. Her hip socket and thighbone weren’t correctly attached. She was unable to run as running hurt, and then really hurt her. The pain compelled her to stop. So she discovered a new sport that didn’t need running. Three years later, she made history as she became a world champ. And two years later, at the Sea Forest Waterway in Tokyo, she became an Olympic champ.