Ex-Beauty Queen Eva Patalinjug Announces Resignation as National Director of Magandang Filipinas


Former Beauty queen Eva Patalinjug has disclosed that she has decided to give up her position as the National Director of Magandang Filipinas. Magandang Filipinas is the newly created pageant. She revealed that a few months ago she was offered the post of National director by Magandang Filipinas’ owner and chairman, Shadrach Lopez Crisostomo.

She accepted the position as she thought that this position will be helpful for her to promote great causes and improve women’s empowerment. The ex-beauty queen stated that the reason which forced her to resign is the absence of transparency regarding the activities of Shadrach Lopez Crisostomo in the newly created pageant.

Eva took to Facebook and uncovered the truth behind her resignation. As per her views, she demanded legal documents from Crisostomo to prove the existence of the pageant. But every time she was verbally notified that Magandang Filipinas was listed with the SEC and the Bureau of Internal Revenue and that it was private.

She disclosed that Crisostomo failed to provide her the legal documents. Eva stated: “My professional and personal differences with Mr. Crisostomo and his organization are irreconcilable, leaving me with no choice but to resign. With this resignation, I wish to notify the public that I am instantly cutting any relations with Magandang Filipinas, OPC.”

Furthermore, Eva also stated that there were few events where she was unaware of what’s going on in the organization. The ex-beauty queen revealed that Magandang Filipinas organized its virtual screening of around 150 aspirants, thirty of whom became the pageant’s official candidates. The coronation night for Magandang Filipinas was initially arranged for 26 August 2021 in Bohol.

But the coronation was terminated due to the increase in the cases of COVID-19. She revealed that the coronation was postponed without informing her as National Director. Mr. Crisostomo after the event notified her that the coronation will instead be organized either in Baguio or Cebu on a later date. She was the National Director for the pageant, but she was not informed about any events arranged by Mr. Crisostomo or his partners after the candidate selection.

Magandang Filipinas has reacted to Eva Patalinjug’s accusations after the ex-beauty queen’s resignation as the national director of the newly formed pageant. In a statement, Magandang Filipinas founder Shadrach Lopez Crisostomo revealed Patalinjug is “just creating her misery by carrying the weight of something she was not obliged to carry.”