Katie Ledecky Secure Gold Medal in 1,500 Freestyle at Tokyo Olympics


America’s Katie Ledecky has made her country proud after winning the gold medal in 1500 freestyle at Tokyo Olympics. She has completed the 1,500 in 15:37:34 and won her sixth gold medal of her career. She has made her debut as a 15-year-old at the 2012 Olympics, securing the women’s 800 in London.

Wednesday’s competition manifests the first time women have been permitted to swim the 1,500 at the Olympic Games. Ledecky was the most suitable participant for the gold medal in the event. Moreover, Ledecky is the most enthusiastic female swimmer in history. She has secured the silver medal in the 400 freestyle Monday with her second-best time ever.

Furthermore, in the Tokyo Olympics, the U.S. teammate Erica Sullivan has won the Silver Medal. On the other hand, Germany’s Sarah Kohler won bronze. Ledecky disclosed: “I think people maybe feel bad for me that I’m not winning everything but I want people to be more concerned about other things going on in the world where people are truly suffering.”

Moreover, Ledecky said that she is to bring home a gold medal to Team USA. Ledecky was surprised to see 20-years old Sullivan reach the podium. Sullivan has performed in her first Olympics and won the silver medal. It is a huge success for Sullivan.