Meet a 9-Year-Old Girl with IQ Higher Than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking


9-years old girl named Adhara Pérez is living with a super high IQ of 162. She is a Mexican girl and has an IQ of two points more than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Currently, she is pursuing her dream to become an astronaut in the future. She is studying for two university degrees. One is in systems engineering at Universidad CNCI and the other in industrial engineering in mathematics at UNITEC, both in Mexico.

Adhara was only three years old when she was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome when her mother discovered that her daughter’s behavior is different than other children of her age. Her mother disclosed that she noticed her daughter playing with blocks, placing them all in rows, ate in the perique and always rocked, and could spend hours and hours like that.

After a year, the doctor discovered that that the little girl had Asperger’s syndrome, which is included within the autism spectrum and influences reciprocal social interaction, verbal, and non-verbal communication. This syndrome further worsens her conditions as her classmates started bullying her and her teacher isolate her in class who said that this girl did not want to be engaged in class.

This behavior of her classmates and her teachers bored her, and her mother registered her in Talent Service Center (CEDAT), where they concluded that Adhara had an IQ of 162. It is crucial to mention that a person with an IQ of 130 is already deemed to be the most talented. She studied her for a while and her financial condition did not let her continue her studies.

The little girl completed primary school at the age of five, secondary school at the age of six and a half, and high school shortly after. Currently, she is pursuing her studies in two degrees. She wants to go to the US and become an astronaut. The University of Arizona already knows her as well as Rice University, which has asked her to study astrophysics. However, her mother realizes that it will not be easy in terms of savings but hopes to accomplish it and help her daughter become a scientist or an astronaut.