Here’s How This Entrepreneur Turned Pandemic Obstacles into Opportunities

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

The COVID-19 pandemic has badly hit the world and almost every industry has experienced the severe impact of the pandemic. But few people in the world turned obstacles into opportunities and changed their own lives and the lives of others. Among many entrepreneurs, a famous name is Mamta Pall.

Mamta is an entrepreneur who has started her venture to offer benefits to pandemic-stricken businesses and people. When the pandemic just hit the world in 2019, Mamta was linked with Outbound Marketing as Group Director. She and her team have started working from home due to the pandemic.

She started her career in the industry with a domestic brand called Usha Shriram Hotels. The brand was licensed with Quality Inn and the properties were in Manali, Shimla & Mysore. Hence, she has experience working in the domestic sector. She decided to start her own Representation firm because she personally thought that there couldn’t be a better time. Hence, she initiated FootprintsWorldwide.

Mamta has started “Footprints Worldwide” intending to offer Sales and marketing solutions to boutique hotels, brands, and resorts in India and abroad.  The few boutiques under the portfolio include Desert Tulip, Jaisalmer, Kings Paradise Kanatal, 7 Hills resort, etc. Mamta is of the view that domestic Tourism appears to be the only sector that will recover faster than the others. Hence, there must be some transparency in each state’s policies, regulations, and quarantine procedures.