12-Year-Old Selena Khawaja All Set to Summit Broad Peak


Selena Khawaja who has gained recognition as the mountain princess is gearing up to summit broad peak, an 8047-meter-high mountain. Selena’s father Yousef Khawaja will join his daughter in her journey to summit the broad peak. Broad Peak is the 12th highest peak in the world situated on the border of Pakistan and China. It is deemed to be a difficult summit.

Selena has started mountain climbing when she was only 6-years-old. Her father who is the single parent of Selena always motivates her to pursue her dream. She was raised in Abbottabad. When Selena was only 10-year-old, she had already reached the peak of many peaks, the highest of which is Spantik Peak at 7,027m in District Shigar.

It has been considered that if Selena and her father will be able to summit the Broad Peak, it would set a new world record for the youngest person to ascend an 8000-meter mountain. Selena is now planning to climb Mount Everest, but her father disclosed that Selena lacks funds, and this is the only obstacle in her way to climb Mount Everest.

Selena has accomplished much in spite of a lack of sponsors. However, in 2020, she had a meeting with Vannessa Obrien, a famed explorer, and mountaineer of the world, who took Selena under her mentorship. Hassan bin Aftab from Pakistan Analytica is also her sponsor.

Previously, In 2019, Shehroze Kashif has made history by becoming the youngest Pakistani to reach this altitude and the youngest ever to summit this peak at the age of 17. Selena intends to climb the peak this year and is five years his junior.